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20 lines on me. Well, heck. Let’s try.
I’m happily married to a wonderful French girl, Nathalie. She quit her green Normandie to become my daily muse and dedicated source of energy (I need lots!).

Currently, I am the managing director of UM (United Media) Belgium.  Before, I was EVP Social Media for Porter Novelli. In the dark ages, I had a short stint as a teacher and a nice career as broadcast, radio and print journalist. I kept my own management consulting agency Heliade*.

I studied Educational Sciences and Agogics, the social science relating to the promotion of personal, social and cultural welfare. My healthy passion for people, Schrödingers cat, quantum mechanics and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy make me an unorthodox out-of-the-box thinker with an untrustworthy  eidetic brain .

A passionate presenter, I speak  regularly on the integrated use of digital media, web 3.0, augmented reality, predictive web, crowdsourcing and metrics, and conversation management. I conducted media and digital media training sessions and seminars to brands and organisations all over the globe. My vision on digital and social media, the universe and life in general is daily voiced through my Twitter channel @dannydevriendt, this personal blog www.heliade.net, and a plethora of online forums.

I am a guest-lecturer at the University of Ghent on digital media, communication to generation Y and media-analysis. I like writing poetry and short stories.
As I travel quite a lot, and as I have the irritating habit of having an opinion on almost everything, I decided to post my mobile life online. That is where it belongs. Dotting down my thoughts is just in my blood. Hope you enjoy it. And let me know what you think.
Oh, by the way. This is my personal space, my personal thoughts, my personal feelings. They are mine, and mine alone, and engage nobody else on a private or personal level.
Danny Devriendt
Heliade  | m: +32 475 35 34 65 | danny@heliade.net |

* Heliade is a strategic management consulting firm. Unorthodox communicative thinking and a no-nonsense, out-of-the-box approach guarantee quick, measurable results that shift the needle long-term.  We’re specialized in interactive community engagement, contextual content, horizontal influencing, viral marketing and persuasive technologies. Heliade also provides personalized training for C-level suits and executives, ranging from media-training, speaker training, presentation techniques, over negotiation techniques and conflict control to tailored language training (D/F/E).

As a sidenote, Heliade provides a suit of marketing vehicles to spice up your mobile presence.


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