Aquila: How do you connect the last billion?

While we’re all happy within our connected lives (and sometimes look to get disconnected as a sign of pure luxury),

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The Battle for Social World Domination: The Stacks : taking over your life

How do you get absolute control? That quest for world domination has been around for a couple of millennia. There

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Social Media : ROI or RIP, yes, but by measuring what?

The question still pops up: what is the ROI of Social Media? It gives me slight nausea, tingling toes and

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Your Klout score? I really could not care less…

I was contacted months ago by a young girl who wanted to know my Klout score. She was making a

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PR, marketing and Digital: The arrogance of experience…

I confess, I admit: I could never ever coach an American Football team. I have never played it, never watched

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Facebook claims to be very much like Television

Social Media. Brand mentions on Social Network. How do you calculate value, how do you get comprehensible ROI in your

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Twitter goes for Olympic gold

Hell breaks loose today. For a couple of weeks, 14.700 athletes are competing in 26 Olympic Sports and 20 Paralympic

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So, what kind of online superhero are you?

Are you a social evangelist, an online ambassador, a digital strategist or the most bizarre of superheroes: a digital junkie?

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London Olympic games: if you kill the Social in Games, all you’ve left is business

With still a couple of weeks to go until the Olympic Games in London, more and more people are getting

Read more — One more… keep the faith!

I felt a bit empty, without a purpose, even bored. As a seasoned social media warrior (I promised @thebrandbuilder not

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