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MBP expands: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. (Ben Kenobi)


Ach. One of the perks of being in charge, is that you can handpick your team. A year after the launch of my MBP squad, I’m so happy to announce we’re expanding –again-. As I am notoriously difficult, noisy, sceptic, challenging and overall impossible-to-live-and-work-with, finding the right talents was not a small task.
But, here they are, the brave souls that gave a kidney to join MBP. They all pack enough energy to propel a pound of meat in an orbit around Saturn just by fluttering their eyelashes. They have brains the size of asteroids, and ideas so fresh it will freeze your Jacuzzi over. Heck, if I had found these people earlier, Pluto would still be a planet, regardless of what Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks.
Salma Haouach joins as a Business director and as content strategist. Solvay-trained, Salma has an extensive background in content marketing and storytelling. With Moroccan roots, she is the energetic woman behind www.Ladybaaz.com and the mesmerizing voice of “Dame de Pique” (Every saturday on Arabel FM -106.8 FM-).
Thaïs Smeekens reinforces our French Community and content management. Thaïs comes from Baby Boum, where she was in charge of both the B2B and B2C communication strategies, social media, press relations, partnerships management, video production, web design, brand development and customer relations.
Adrien Duchateau joins as creative director. He is a multidisciplinary designer focusing on brand identity, and web & mobile interface. An online wizard on digital creation, he will strengthen the team on all visual creations, digital imagery, and visual concepts. Strongly versed in mobile development and design, Adrien is able to create his designs from the ideal perspective for digital creations: mobile first.
Julien Denotte brings his designing skills in image creation and infographics to the table. He is a passionate believer in visual attractive snack-bites that offer great stopping power, and loves translating a good brand story in an attractive infographic. In his world, an image definitely beats a thousand words.
Ergin Arslanbas started as a creative consultant. An unorthodox video communication specialist, he will be a corner stone in MBP’s YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram endeavours. Ergin, from Turkish ancestry, kicks ass at Achterklap ,one of YouTube most popular channels.
Every MBP’er is as well a top-notch leader in his speciality, as a crucial addition to the team. Content is a science, and experience teaches us it takes a slightly mad team to make it happen. We’re all geared up for 2016. To quote Olivier Blanchard: “Pray that we never become your competitor’s secret weapon.”


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