The Eye Of Horus

The Eye of Horus is a non-for-profit group of watchers, founded in 2009. Trends, tendencies, innovative patterns and new inventions are occurring every hour, across five continents.

The Eye of Horus invites key people at the very core of innovative thinking, to its knowledge sharing structure. The Network does not always win. The Network only wins if an open and trustworthy climate of sharing and participation can be established, that is not controlled by financial gains or greed.

Every selected member of The Eye of Horus is a thought leading expert, skilled in pattern recognition, willing to share the headlines of his knowledge. Membership is invitation-only, the membership list locked, and only known to Chairman and Treasurer.  This gives the members a unique opportunity to tap into a pool of unrivaled, cross continent and cross-industry insights.

The Renaissance Methodology of participative societies is the driving force of The Eye of Horus, bringing the sharing economy at the very center of consultative fractals.

Together, plus est en nous.