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My eternal 100.000 miles road to wisdom

It probably is a clear manifestation of a solid midlife crisis. Or the desperate cry of an ego trying to break out. Or an honest try to order a gazillion of my thoughts in a mostly structured way. It’s certain that I miss playing with words, sentences and magic dust. The pandemic stole my favorite brain candy: intellectual interaction. I hear a million thoughts screaming to break free.

So, I’m starting writing again. I have to. I'll restart my lifelong journey to gather information, streamline my thoughts, distribute them... and discuss all about everything with wonderful minds. I will populate this place with a collection of words and thoughts and vision on societal trends, technology, science and the old ancient art of communication and influencing.

I will collect, assess, question, write, kill, rewrite and build.

I'll happily burn through another 100.000 miles to meet people, interview friends I admire, authors I like, business people walking the talk daily. A perpetual and gargantuan journey to wisdom. A treasure of views, experiences, debates, talks, interviews and musings. I'll write from trains, planes, my kitchen table or on the roof of Nessie, the new Heliade Mobile Office.

The Non Book Author

I ate 103 non-fiction books over the last two years. Every single one of those had some precious thoughts, some interesting angle that can be summarized on a two-pager, or a well-thought slide. The rest of the book is mostly fill and vanity. Most of the chapters start reeking of wet socks quickly, they age badly. I decided that in this age of never-normality, I do not want to end as decomposing unsold stock in a moistly cellar. I have no ambition left to burden friends, colleagues, business partners and noble strangers to open their wallet to be graced with a hand-signed copy of what's called a book, but would be a giant phallic print of some out of proportion need for acknowledgement. The people I care about found the way to this online place a long time ago. And you, noble stranger are most welcome. Together we saved a precious lot of trees...

I will share every single mile of my 100.000 miles journey. Every encounter. Every thought. Every rant. Every musing. Feel free to discuss, participate, steal, object, interact, scream, bang on the table.

Paraphrasing Romesh Gunesekera: “A passenger on a road journey is in the hands of a driver; a reader embarking on a journey is in the hands of a narrator.”

Let me be both…

It's a hell of a ride!!