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You can book Danny as a keynote speaker. He speaks a.o. on innovation, moonshot thinking, content marketing, social media and neuromarketing. Business Insider ranks him the 3rd most influential ad Executive on twitter, and CEOWorld Magazine lists him in their 10 top advertising executives to follow on twitter. For Data News Belgium, he is a key influential in the Belgian tech-community. He was featured in Dr. Grattons book Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses (chapter 24).

Danny studied Educational Sciences and Agogics, the social science relating to the promotion of personal, social and cultural welfare. His healthy passion for people, Schrödinger’s cat, quantum mechanics and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy makes him an unorthodox out-of-the-box thinker.

Devriendt travels the world performing keynotes and lectures on Social Media and Content Marketing (over 300 to this date). He has been featured on Social Media Day, the Bluetooth World Congress, at the Mobile World Congress, at CeBIT, the European Content marketing Summit, the Social Media Summit, The Internet is Sexy Summit in Czechoslovakia and as a keynote speaker for clients like P&G, Bluetooth SIG, Dow Chemical, Tele Atlas, The Belgian National Lottery and Parrot.

Keynote Speaker: Rider

Over the past two decades Danny has given over 300 presentations to a plethora of groups, scaling from two to two thousand. He has been on soapboxes and on professional podia. He fell through one. It did hurt. He learned the hard way that it works a lot better when everyone is well prepared.

If you want to book him as a keynote speaker, please read through this little rider. Just Danny going all Madonna, but…

  1. Yes, he will travel about everywhere where he can get safely, with a Belgian Passport.
    1. If more than a 5 hour drive from Brussels, he prefers to fly.
    2. To avoid travel stress and an overgrown ulster, he prefers to be at the venue the evening before, if it is outside Belgium.
    3. Make sure the hotel you book for him has Wi-Fi, hot water, is non-smoker and has  darn clean sheets.
  2. He uses his computer: a Microsoft Book, running PowerPoint. His slides are so magic it will not run on any computer but his. He brings his own VGA and HDMI adapter, so a standard VGA or HDMI cable will work just fine.
  3. He brings his own clicker. He controls his presentation with it. He uses the screen of his computer as a confidence monitor, so it should be somewhere on stage with him. Yes, the laptop can be elsewhere, but he then needs a monitor that mirrors the screen of his laptop.
  4. His presentations all have imbedded video and sound, so a sound connection between his PC and the PA is required. A standard PC jack, with a cable that is long enough will do.
  5. Please foresee AC power within 2,5 meter of the computer.
  6. For groups bigger than 40 people, Danny needs a microphone. As he tends to wander all over the stage and through the room, he prefers a wireless microphone. More specifically, a clip-on tie microphone, or an earpiece.
  7. The devil is in the details. Danny insists on a small tech-check on audio, video and mic before it begins. 5 minutes for a detoxed destressed attitude.
  8. If you use a setup where the speaker is filmed and projected, make sure you have his slides on the main screen on at all times. Switching back and forth between the speaker and his slides on the same screen is not acceptable. Danny will literally run through hundreds of picture slides.
  9. He insist on having an oxygenated asteroid-mined drink. Just kidding. He requires at least half a liter of water though, preferable sparkling.
  10. Danny’s slides are (1) not available for download and (2) will not be distributed as a handout. (2) is non-negotiable.

To book Danny: