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You just turned two. It took me a full day to recover from that simple fact. Two.  Seven-hundred-and-thirty days ago, I held you for the very first time. You were tiny, pink, soft, and warm. About as big as my hand.  And look at what you’ve become. You’re two.

I enjoy every single moment: how you discover things, a bit shy but so full of determination. How you learn things, quick, without missing a beat. How you effortless navigate between two languages. How you make me laugh with your sparkling sense of humor. I melt when you invite me into your little world, and when you snuggle in my arms with your Doll, with Rabbit, and Dolly. The ocean of your love is vast, deep, comforting and unconditional.

I see you turning into a wonderful human being, every single day. The positive energy you radiate is as well breathtaking, and humbling, as it is motivating. You walk into every new day with a smile, and with so much kindness to spare. You venture through every door with the openness of mind to discover and learn.  You learn and file away. You grow. You grow so fast.

I can feel you sharpening your mind. I can feel your thirst for knowledge. I can see how new words make you happy, and help you telling me who you are. What you want. How you feel. I love it when you arrive with your mountain of books, and when you spend delicious times on my arm exploring stories, fables, and fairy-tales. I love to see you turn the pages, and name the things. I love to see you connecting the dots.

I can sense a million questions unanswered still in your amazing blue eyes. And I’ll help you find the answers. All of them. We’ll leave no book unread, no website undiscovered in the quest to answering your questions. Answers, are easy. The art is in the questions. I will encourage you to question everything, and to challenge the answers.   Always. To turn the things around, inside out, and upside down.  Be your own perspective.

In a world heading towards robots and automated systems, seeing you grow proves me the best is yet to come: Corde et mente et anima. Heart and mind and soul.

Seven-hundred-and-thirty days of delight. So profoundly happy to be your Dad.

Happy birthday Prutske

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