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Watson, IBM’s flamboyant AI unit is getting the hang of it. It wins at Jeopardy, writes Real Time advertising stories, drops them in an ideal context and solves mathematical puzzles like there is no tomorrow. It helps doctors detecting and diagnosing extreme rare diseases and sequenced cancer DNA. As it got a bit bored, it teamed up with Alex Da Kid to write a winning song for Elle King, Wiz Khalifa, and X Ambassadors.

5 years in a beat

Jeopardy champion Watson analyzed a whopping five years’ worth of a broad range of texts, from newspaper editorials,  to movie scripts, novels and court rulings.  It distilled significant cultural themes out of this plethora of data and crosslinked it with social media sentiment.  As an afterthought, it also scanned all music from the same period.


Watson then used its own musical algorithm, Beat, to create original music scores, linked to emotional promters. Alex Da Kid used Watson’s musical musings to building organic songs.

“Not Easy” featuring Wiz Khalifa,  X Ambassadors, and Elle King makes you wonder…

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