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Oh sweet Dilbert, I met another entrepreneur today. At the hairdresser. See, apparently the world is full of them. From where I am sitting, I could not throw a stone, without injuring an entrepreneur or two. They are bloody everywhere.

Back to my entrepreneur. He works for Bekaert. Can I stop right there? If you’re an entrepreneur, you do not work for… you have your own business, and, if you’re any good, people work for you. Honestly, I’m getting sick and tired of the whole entrepreneurial hype. Most people I meet have listed entrepreneur/entrepreneurial/entrepreneurship somewhere amongst their numerous skills. It makes me slightly nauseous.

Gartner defines it well: an Entrepreneur is a person who started a new business where there was none before. And very honestly, in the business I am running I do not want to work with entrepreneurs. I want to work with team players, with people showing managerial skills, people with the ability to sell a team and a product. Can you lead a team? Sell my products and services? Do people like working with and for you? Do clients trust you? Can I trust you? Do you bring creativity, passion, and vision to the table? Do you have endless energy, tremendous drive, a witty brain and a solid sense of humor? Do you get things done, are you a problem solver?  Are you better than MacGyver, and can you fix stuff with a steak knife, some bubble gum and a piece of rusty wire? I’ll hire you… sure thing.

But I cannot waste my time with somebody who wants to be an entrepreneur. I have a business to run. Get your own.


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