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Ben Parr – #SxSW: meet the people, not the technology

When Ben Parr,  web phenomenon, notorious technology journalist, energetic energy bubble ,  web entrepreneur and world changer on a mission announced his goodbyes as the editor-at-large of Mashable , everyone wanted to know what he would do. Well, I met Ben Parr, and we will still have to wait a bit. Ben is working on a start-up that is currently still in deep stealth mode, but that will be announced soon.

While coding the beedjeezes  every day for the secret project, Ben  completed miraculously his first sci-fi thriller Desel.  Indeed, sleep is overrated and for the weak.

Parr comes to SxSW to meet people, less to meet technologies: “it is great to meet people, to meet smart people that bring something to the table. I love to interact with the SxSW crowd: visitors from different locations, different backgrounds, and different interests. The richness is in human encounters, rather than in new technologies.”

Ben Parr is a man on a mission. A book to promote, a start-up to launch. A world to save.

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