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Dear Pinerly : thanks for all the fish

It has to be my rapidly advancing age. Or the wet weather that has a devastating effect on my aging bones. Or all the sleepless nights I am spending, pondering over this crazy global warming problems. Anyway, stuff annoys me massively these days. *sigh* Can’t be good for my inner Feng Shui.

Take Pinerly. They are new, unknown. Maybe they are good, and the biggest thing since remote controls and sliced bread. Or maybe they are rubbish, nowhere, and with more issues than an alcoholic in Iraq. There is no way for me to know, as I could not try their service –yet-.

Here is the catch: to be able to beta test their service, I need to seduce friends to use their service. Excuse me? I am a digital dinosaur: before I recommend something, I want to see the goodies. I want to test them. Form an opinion, you know?

I get the strategy: create a need, create a hype, create an artificial long waiting line, create a viral snowball of desperate people wanting to try your service.

The thing is, dear @Pinerly: I can probably live my online life perfectly well without you. Anyway, that is what I will try. All the best.

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