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2010: the year of Good Enough

It may sound fairly surprising to you, but I am a gadget freak. Collecting and using small battery operated devices is a fairly innocent but truly expensive disease.  So slowly -but surely- my shelves get buried with PDA’s (yes, I started with a Psion), PC’s, laptops, netbooks and smarty phones. And you know how it is, just as you get used to operating it, a newer, better, smarter, quicker and fancier version pops up. I guess someone has to sustain this faltering economy.  🙂

Having passed way too much time in airports, media markets and online stores lately, I noticed that my taste evolved. Before, I was irresistibly drawn to the most performant object. Now I select my toys on real use expectations. Why would I want a water-cooled quad processor in a lightweight laptop that I will mostly use for internet access and PowerPoint? What’s the use of 16 USB ports, when I can connect all that matters through WiFi, Bluetooth and a high def screen cable? Why carry an extended battery when free power is available everywhere, including trains and planes?

I notice that lately I am mostly hunting for practicality, lightweight and coolness. I pay for fashionable usability over overkilled specs. I silently laugh when I see wonnabees use enough processing power to recalibrate Wall Street just to update their Facebook.

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I lost it. I might even get more sensible. But when trop is too much, I’ll go for good enough…

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