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A good strategy is tailor-made…

By 24/10/2010No Comments

It’s getting a bit annoying: lots of people seem to think that social media is an of the shelf, one size fits all, prepackaged commodity. Can you do me a Twitter? How much for a Facebook page? What would it cost to get 3000 followers? Can I buy a viral movie? Can you send me your standard digital plan, so I can choose?

It does not make any sense to me. Concentrating on the details of a tactic will not move the needle. Why can people not just take a small step back, take a deep breath, and relax? Doing it the right way: what are your objectives? What’s keeping you from achieving them? Who do you want to communicate to? Where are they? What’s your messaging? Proofpoints?  Playing around with that vital information, we can distillate a nice strategy, and build a tactical plan to make it happen. Throwing some die-hard metrics in to see if we achieve objectives might be a good idea…

Do not believe prepaid social media packages. Do not believe in people who have done it ten times… reality is that everyone is bolting the rails in front of the speeding train. Reality is that confection will not get you in the charts… the secret potion to online success is tailor-made…

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