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CeBIT is mostly “work”. Endless rows of grey suits cueing up to catch a glance of tomorrow’s coolest products, journalists running around trying to catch their ultimate interview, exhibitors gradually changing from stilettos to high heels to pumps to running shoes… to comfortably barefooted. Luckily there are occasional bursts of excitement.

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Parrot threw quite a party with a crazy DJ battle using two wireless Parrot Boomboxes. A former Russian topmodel-DJ Dasha Rush made the Berlin DJ look like a drooling old man on Prozac. Too bad, pick your battles wisely! 😉

The Parrot booth rocked, shaked, grooved and rolled happily, until the Detaeye-brothers, 160 kilograms of pure Belgian party-twins unleashed their decibels on the Tele Atlas booth.

The brave Parrot Boomboxes were no match for the gigawatt mixing coming from the industrial size speakers of the digital map company… Respect!

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