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Beam me up, Scotty!

By 30/11/2009No Comments

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with travel, moving,  going places. Now that I’m finally in a position and an age to travel a lot, I got a ferocious dislike of public transport, airplanes, and security checks. Let’s say timetables and security officers don’t like me very much :-).

Man, seeing captain Kirk and pointy eared  Spock being teleported into the most incredible places  by a simple “beam me up, Scotty” command still makes me raving jealous.

And look now here, scientists at the University of Maryland’s Joint Quantum Institute successfully teleported data from one atom to another in a container a full meter away.  They beamed stuff!  A full meter away! From one container to another!  Time magazine claims that “… a landmark in the brain-bending field known as quantum information processing, the experiment doesn’t quite have the cool factor of body transportation; one atom merely transforms the other so it acts just like the original. Still, atom-to-atom teleportation has major implications for creating super-secure, ultra-fast computers.”

Not cool? They beamed stuff! You’ll see, one of our next meetings, I’m going to get beamed directly into a meeting room, far far away…. You can have all my travel points and air miles…

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