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Two weeks ago, I received a mysterious package in the office. Someone had sent me three books through Amazon, I was happy as a puppy. And by miracle, that someone must know me extremely well, seen I am liking the books very much. Books and me, I guess it’s all my grandmother fault. She, and my mom, have raised me with books… lots of books. I became hopelessly book-addicted. And proud of it. J There are books everywhere in my life, could not do without them. Through this blog, people who know me a bit better ask often what I read, and why. Our interactive guru Guy came with a workable solution: from now on, on the right sidebar of, you will find my books: to do, in progress, done. If you click on the “recent books”, I will give you -with a few lines- my modest -but very correct- opinion on the book. Enjoy. And thanks for the books… 😉

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