Cali Lewis: girl power!

There are a lot of men in the Blogger Lounge. But when Luria Petrucci walks in, most of the male audience is a bit disturbed.  Better known under her internet alias Cali Lewis, the 30 year old brunette is one of the most popular American internet celebrities in Europe where her dynamic podcast  GeekBeat.TV is top of tongue.

Her dynamic personality and easy going nature made her the role model for a whole generation of European Geek Girls. A celebrity with absolutely no capsones, as I could find out during a short interview.

Smiling young people with tremendous influencing power: are you ready for them?

One thought on “Cali Lewis: girl power!

  • 14/03/2011 at 06:57

    You’re too sweet!! It was great to spend some time with you today!


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