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Digital Identity

Bizarre how fast stuff moves. Two decades ago, you were a name, an address and a phone number.  That was all that was needed to connect to you. It was all you had. Basically, it was all you were. A snail mail address, a pigeon hole box, and a phone number.

These days, we’re identified by way more access points. We move faster, carrying our digital identity with us. Wherever we go. Our music. Our pictures. Our networks. Our access codes. All condensed in small black battery operated devices.

Intelligent phones or blackberries hold the key to a scary big part of our lives, and have factual become our portal, our Stargate to the worlds out there: clients, family, loved ones…  Some of us even have digital Avatars literally re-presenting ourselves in a virtual world.

Are you keeping track of your Digital ID?  Email addresses? LinkedIn? Plaxo? MSN? Sametime? 2nd Life?  GoogleID? Gmail? Facebook? Twitter? Etc… How many versions of you are out there?  Do you already need one of those fancy pieces of software to keep track of all your logins/ID’s/password? Or have you given up entirely –as I do-, trusting on the biometric scanner of your devices to be able to connect you to all those digital highways? How much time does keeping track of all that cost you a day? Or do you need smart software mashing and merging lots of these digital presences?

Clock your digital day. Google yourself and watch the creepy resume of your web life over recent years…  trust me, I tried it J.


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