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Felix is a daring mud devil

By 13/07/200819 Comments

Well, when you give a new toy in our hands, we want to try it, test it out. So we took Felix our Bluetooth enabled LaRo Lightweight into the Normandy forests. Simple mission: go and dive it into the muddy roads till it gets stuck. Yep, that way we could check out our 24 volt 5 ton winch.

So all excited we floored the jeep into the most obscure corners of the woods de Bretonne and the steep slopes of the Seine estuary. We jumped over tree trunks. We splashed through water. We did see an abandoned Toyota buried in a muddy field. We dived into mud pools that could hide a camel. We tractored through prairies. We pushes fences. We ploughed through ditches. We ripped of branches.

We had lots and lots of fun, sore bums and bruises. But we could not get the Lightweight stuck. Sigh. There will be other times!


  • Danny says:

    pickles. right. I still think you guys are the 52nd state. Will try to adapt mindset 😉

  • Danny says:

    We just call it beer. actualy, the Eburons invented it when UK-people were still living in caves. And we invented chips. And the saxophone…

  • Vince Holton says:

    We Brits do indeed love chips with chips. And chips with pasta. And chips with pizza. And chips with salad. And chips with anything really. We love chips.

    And I think the expression ‘real ale’ was invented here, which says it all, really.

  • “pickles” – that’ll be the americans you’re thinking of there Mr Danny. We have chips with chips. And proper beer.

  • Danny says:

    chips with mayonnaise… beats pickles any time of the day!

  • Danny says:

    Blue Man Groove. Good idea. Not sure if we should expose Vince to this. It’s a rough drink, suitable for lumberjacks and consultants. Vince is a TV star….

  • I’ll bring Blue Man Groove. That’ll sort the men out from the Belgians.

  • Vince Holton says:

    Real beer, eh? These are the people that eat their chips with mayonnaise ……

  • Danny says:

    On second thoughts… mayble we’ll bring some panache. Think REAL beer from Belgium might be a challenge for UK people.

  • Danny says:

    Man man man… you are like the two old Muppet guys…. 🙂
    Surfinator: we are BELGIANS we NEVER run out of beer (what’s the point?)

  • Vince Holton says:

    Yes, but apparently it is Bluetooth enabled, so he will be frequently hopping out of it to see what mess he has gotten himself into this time.

  • Yes but where is DANNY going to get a 4×4? We’ve got them, Danny’s only got a Landy with some spray on mud.

  • Vince Holton says:

    Great stuff. Alan and I are next 4×4-ing in Wales on the 21st August. I’ll send you a map reference and we will look forward to seeing you and Felix there. We’ll have a tow rope so you don’t need to worry that you won’t get home.

  • Fine with me. I will keep on rescuing you until you run out of beer.

  • Danny says:

    Vince, I think that is a wonderful idea… but where is Alan going to find a 4×4 on short notice? 🙂
    But, yes, by all means… let’s have a day or so of fun in some muddy woods. we’ll bring beer.

  • Vince Holton says:

    Now, now, you two. If you can’t settle this nicely I think a day in the forest is called for and a 4×4 duel might have to happen.

  • I have to be. I keep having to stop behind Land Rovers that have got stuck.

  • Danny says:

    Alan, I do think that people driving Japanese 4×4′ s should be more careful when going off paved roads…..

  • “We did see an abandoned Toyota buried in a muddy field.”

    It wasn’t abandoned. It was parked there ready to help recover Land Rovers when they got stuck.

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