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Forget streaming, steam on your music!

By 08/02/20123 Comments

Yes, I know. MP3 players. MP4 players. Shiny ones, megabytes, bitrates, fashionable colors. I have an iPod that has more musical power than the disco I used to hang out in, and that looks cooler than a frozen Ferrari Testarossa. But then again, so do you, and a gazillion other ones. *sigh* Being different but staying cool did not get any easier in these hip times…

Luckily, old records are so in, greying black discs turning around under real diamond headed needles… Listening to the Sex Pistols with the occasional scratches… that’s the way. If you really want to blow your audience away, try getting a steampunk record player.

Yep, this record player is powered by a small steam engine, and uses a small processor and some servos to turn the record at the exact speed. Admit, there is simply no better way to listen to God Save the Queen than powering up a small steam engine. It looks hot as hell, and is the perfect accessory for the ice cubes in your bourbon on long summer nights. In the right company, of course…  🙂


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