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Hey! You can buy me :-)

By 18/12/20083 Comments

For our Christmas action, we decided to collect funds for UFB, the United Fund for Belgium that yearly helps a prime selection of 100 Belgian charities. We opted to auction off the best we have in house: us J. So here is your chance, if you want to spend some time with me, at a time of your convenience I offer the following package:

Summary: Communication has evolved. More direct. Web-based. Global. Lightning fast. How do you deal with the new media? Where/when do you blog? Are you LinkedIn? Facebook-ed? How’s your digital profile? Will you survive working with millennials? To help you keep the pedal to the metal and lay rubber on the road, I’m auctioning off a two-hour adrenaline session. With a Lotus Elise R. No ABS. No airbags. No power steering. Just you, me, and the road. And yes, you can drive J.

We’ll wind down over dinner in the Ostend Queen restaurant -watching sunset- for an in-depth chat on how you can add web tactics to your communication mix. Or anything else you want to chat about. Just one small thing: one of us has to drive back….

To place your bid, click:


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