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How to take a penalty

By 25/08/2010One Comment

I am not into soccer, or football. Honestly, seeing all that overpaid testosterone run after a little leather ball: it’s kind of silly.  Let’s face it, Belgians are not even so good at it. But, knowing that my good friends @cleval and @guidooohh told me Anderlecht was top-class-can-not-go-wrong material, I kept one eye on the screen. For an endless amount of time. And that just to see them go down… on penalties. Mind you, not because the other goalie was good. But just because these Anderlecht players forgot how to kick a ball at a goal. To help my friends out, at these for them difficult times, here is a simple how to… Better luck next time :-).

  • Take a couple of steps back from the ball.
  • Have your striking foot in front of your non-striking foot.
  • Make a decision on what side of the goal you are going for. Do not change your mind.
  • Hit the ball with the inside of your foot.
  • Hit it with power but focus more on the placement than the power.
  • Go for the low corners. This will make it hard for the goalie.
    • It is also a good choice to go for the top corners, but this is more risky and requires skill, so practice this to make sure you can do it consistently.
    • Do not stare at the spot you’re going for, but try not to deceive the goalie by looking at the other side because this will affect your accuracy.
    • Do not go for the middle.
    • Try not to go for top corners unless you are confident.

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