If your life goes web 2.0

If your blog uses python, is in public beta, denies the existence of Rocky V, rocks out to the dance noise sound of Chinese Forehead, uses inline AJAX, mentions Neowin.net, appears to use moo.fx, mentions Tag Clouds, uses the prefix “meta” or “micro”, is Shadows-aware, mentions Less is More, attempts to be XHTML Strict, refers to mash-ups, or startups, has a Blogline and a blogroll, uses tags, appears to be non-empty,  appears to be web 3.0, has favicon, uses Google Maps API, uses the word meme, uses AJAX, mentions an “architecture of participation”, received a cease-and-desist from CMP Media or Tim O’Reilly, refers to the Web 2.0 Validator’s ruleset, appears to have a Google Sitemap, makes reference to Technorati, appears to use RSS, javaScript by Dreamweaver, has that goofy ‘My Blog is Worth’ and is Faviconized, refers to VCs, Flickr  or The Long Tail  or Nitro, links to Slashdot and Digg,  appears to be built using Django, mentioning Ruby, using a prototype.js, uses visual effects, mentions Wisdom Of Crowds and MonoRail and the Creative Commons license, refers to podcasting, featuring Catalyst and Semantic Markup…  you might have constructed something that is pretty web 2.0. Try to find out if you match the usual criteria on http://web2.0validator.com/ .

2 thoughts on “If your life goes web 2.0

  • 22/02/2008 at 16:33

    At LEAST a generation ahead Geert! 😉

  • 21/02/2008 at 22:07

    Shit! Negative everywhere, but we seem to be web 3.0 , what a relief! I guess this means we are a generation ahead 2.0, no?


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