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Meet Oscar, my Godchild. He’s 2,5. Clever. Charming. Irresistible. He will change the world as we know it, but give him some time. Growing up is a serious thing.
My favourite pastime is to talk to him while I travel. We have hilarious conversations. Him listening @ his mom’s mobile phone, not uttering a word. Me, describing the tribes of the World to him. The people. The buildings. The food. The weather. Then he says “hihi”, very seriously. And passes the technology back to the parental authorities.

Oscar I bring him a bear from each city. I visit lots of cities, he collects lots of bears.
My last visit, (to Copenhagen, intrigued him. So he has taken a decision. One of his very first. He wants to travel, and see places with me. Alea Iacta Est. Something tells me he will not regret it….


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