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So, we moved. After 15 years in our previous home, it was time to move on. We had many great moments, tough cookies to crack, moments of laughter, some tears.  The arrival of Yoko (the cat) 7 years ago, and -after endless waiting- Tara 4 years ago were the absolute highlights. It was a great house.

But, it was time. Don’t ask me why. Restlessness. An urge for something new. So we packed, moved everything we own (minus a couple of cases we gladly donated) to a new home a 1250 meters away.

Moving a lifetime of books, a 4-year-old, a cat, and joined memories and furniture took us many late hours, a lot of fun, some dramatic asthmatic and dust allergy attacks (=me) and an endlessly energized organizational wonder (Nathalie).

A green house!

But now we’re settling in a house that provides for 95% in its own energy, with solar-everything, deep geothermal heat-pumps, heat recuperation, etc. A house that’s intelligent, drives sunscreens on its own, and is buzzing with domotica features. You should see the grin on my face.

And its nice, cozy, silent, comforting.  I started calling it home. That’s a big deal 😉

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