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Professor Cynthia Breazeal is a most busy bee. She is Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT, where she founded the Personal Robots Group at the Media Lab. She is also founder and Chief Scientist of Jibo, Inc. A pioneer on Social Robotics and Human Robot Interaction, she wrote Designing Sociable Robots.

Autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, deep learning, affective computing, sentiment detection, machine human interaction: Cynthia Breazeal is passionate about it, in a very contagious way.

Jibo is charming

She introduced “Jibo” to the SxSW crowd. Jibo is the humanized robotic member of your household. For less than a 1000 dollars, Jibo will be a nice, sweet and engaging add-on to the family. Jibo is fully able to help your kids with homework, or to make sure your elderly parents take the right medicine at the right time, and do not accidentally set the house on fire. Jibo can track bills to be paid, and remind you to top off your fridge if groceries near a critical low.

JIBO is a charming, enchanting little persona, but he is really trying to support you specifically with what he can do.” And that charming, enchanting little persona can do an awful lot. JIBO contains two hi-res cameras that are able to recognize and track faces, 360 microphones that allow you to talk to JIBO from anywhere in the room, and artificial intelligence algorithms that learn your preferences and adapt to fit your lifestyle.”

Jibo comes with a personality that invites people to really want to engage with it. The personality makes you forget you’re dealing with silicon-in plastic: it humanizes the little robot in a very endearing and touching way.

Jibo is smart

Jibo is able, with its plethora of sensors, cameras and adaptive software to recognize every single part of the family (including the cat), can read/detect the mood of the person it encounters, and adapt to it. It learns from you, and will talk to you as a human would, even displaying a cute sense of humor.

The little social robot is able to communicate by speech, by displaying graphics, and by making sounds. It learns by hearing, seeing, and has a tactical interface, so it “feels” you.

You happy? Jibo happy!

Jibo is designed to help families to communicate, coordinate and connect with loved ones with greater ease, efficacy, and delight. Jibo is cheap, cute, endearing and smart. It’s socio-emotive artificial intelligence will make you like it, like you would like your dog.

Jibo has one purpose: make you happy.

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