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Kawasaki: Growing a tree takes time

By 10/03/20124 Comments

Guy Kawasaki remains one of the most reachable social media stars around. Always friendly and savvy,  he is always ready to share his wisdom. After totally enchanting the Apple brand, he became a successful internet entrepreneur, founded, and is one of the most busy tweeps around.

When Kawasaki turns his eye to a technology, he tries to phantom the possibilities. And his eye fell on Google+. Google+ is under a lot of fire lately, but Kawasaki thinks that is not fair. In an interview with Porter Novelli, he lashes out to the people who want to burry Google+.

“If any other platform would grow this fast, and this influential, people would go oh and ah”, he said. “But because it is Google people have no tolerance, and no patience. Growing a tree takes time, and time will tell. But I have not the impression that this is set up to fail.”

Guy is right: time will tell. Watch the interview here:


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