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Le New Faux Poor est arrive…

By 15/04/2009No Comments

As I was fueling up my classic MGTF this weekend, a fellow car enthusiast came to admire the old two-seater. He eyed my trusted Breitling watch and asked “wow, you´re still wearing that?”.  Honestly, for a split second I thought that my favorite watch was out of fashion… but no. In his eyes it was too “expensive” to be seen with in these dark economic times. “I leave my Rolex in the safe for the moment. Omega is more ´bon ton´ now…”

I was flabbergasted. But a little research showed me quickly that it is indeed a new trend. It is good to be OK. It is bad to show so. Fellows at the car club keep their cabriolets inside.  They are fueled up, fully insured, but apparently it is not ok to be seen in it. A local service club voluntary ¨downgraded¨ their two-weekly meetings to a restaurant without a Michelin star. They drink the same expensive wine, smoke the same parallel imported Cuban cigars, but feel better parking their wives car @ a lower cost venue.

I overheard a conversation between two well doing fashionistas. One was selling off her Louis Vuitton  handbag from last season before swiping her credit card on the new one. Not because she cannot afford keeping both, but because “she does not want people to think she is not affected by the global crisis”.

So meet the New Faux Poor: doing well, financially extremely sound, but not willing to be seen spending. Because that is not politically correct.

The old grumpy me in me staggers. Trying to think down at that level gives me a burning headache. You´ll have to forgive me, but I´ll drive my cars as long as I can afford fuel, I´ll be waving my Breitling for ages to come. It´s a damned fine watch and I like it. The day I cannot pay the rent, I´ll sell it.

Be Real Rich. Real Normal. Or be Real Poor. Don´t fake either….

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