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He made it. After 364 days of intense work, training and carefully planned progress, Leon –my youngest nephew- finally made it to his first birthday. And trust me; he celebrated this important milestone in style. Enough food to nourish a complete Botswana village (pancake, anyone? 🙂). Two sets of grandparents hovering around, beaming with pride. Dad Bram and mom Janny, trying to keep up with an industrial demand on coffee, liquor and an impressive stack of bottles.

Leon simply loved it. He is currently working on a business plan to reach the next milestone: a challenging one. 2 become 2 in 364 days. He is an upcoming star,  and he knows it!

DSC_2299  DSC_2308 DSC_2355  DSC_2320 DSC_2329 

(click on the pics for more detail, or the complete slideshow)  


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