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Like flying an Apache helicopter…

By 14/03/2010No Comments

Witnessed a great keynote by metaio on augmented solutions. While until recently augmented reality seemed to be limited to very exotic and expensive equipment like the Apache helicopter or some Q-designed James Bond gadgets, it is soon coming to devices very very near you :-).

Augmented reality applications allow relevant information and exciting features to be overlaid on top of the visual reality. Usually this would be through a laptop or -even more handy-, a mobile phone.

Noora Guldemond from metaio demonstrated with skill (great presentation with utterly visual slides. Refreshing after some of the other death-by-Powerpoint I witnessed here @ #SXSW) how AR starts interacting in a compelling way with our increasingly mobile lifestyle.

AR tags trigger -once decoded by the devices camera- a plethora of information that is projected on top of the reality, making use of data more easy, or adding exciting possibilities. Creating visual interaction in both real and virtual worlds makes even dull every day products as a shoe into exciting high-tech game and content controllers.

Can’t wait to try more of this out! 😉

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