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Both my colleague Dirk at Volapuk and myself registered as bloggers at the Mobile World Congress. After a couple rather confusing mails, we both got an official email saying we were accepted, giving us even a barcode for fast-track entry.  Great was our amused confusion when a sturdy girl at the press/ blogger/ analyst registration desk said that our case was still “pending”. We referred to the mail. “O, you got the wrong mail. So sorry.” Excuse me?A full day later, they decided that I could have one. But not Dirk. Why? God knows.  Both of us have a proven track record as journalists, his Technorati ranking and hit rate equal mine. We both have pre-registered interviews.

Telling bloggers they are welcome, to -once they drove 1400 kilometer- deny entrance the day itself is unprofessional behavior.  You would expect that a Congress that is about “Mobile World” should know how to deal with modern media. A good CRM system and some common sense would do them good. O my. I rest my case.


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