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Paris Hilton


Mind-boggling. Here we are @ CeBIT, one of the highlights of the EMEA ICT year. Between two and three thousand journalists camp here for over a week, to interview some of the more than six thousand exhibitors. The press lounge is crowded, press hounds queuing up to get a free web log-in slot. Tons of articles, quotes and B-roll is distributed all over the world. The ICT industry invested the equivalent of the GDP (gross domestic product) of a mid-sized South American country in showing its nicest side to the media.
And just a little Google wizardry teaches us that over the last days more coverage was published on the eating habits of  Victoria Beckham, the hanky-panky-with-a-stranger-in-the-bushes from Britney Spears, and the lavish life of the Hilton heiress. Actually, Paris Hilton’s bra got more coverage than the Intel press conference. Have a nice day…


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