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In his book “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World,” David Epstein explores the idea that success in many fields is not necessarily determined by intense specialization and early focus, but rather by a diverse range of experiences and skills.

Epstein argues that in many crucial business- and leadership cases, generalists – individuals who have a broad range of experiences and skills – are more likely to succeed than specialists, who may have deep expertise in a narrow field but very often lack the adaptability and flexibility of generalists.



One of the key ideas in “Range” is the concept of “plasticity,” or the ability of the brain to change and adapt in response to new experiences. Epstein argues that early specialization can actually limit plasticity and hinder an individual’s ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. You go deeper, but with a handicapping small field of view.

In contrast, individuals who have a broad range of experiences are more likely to develop the mental flexibility and adaptability that is crucial for success in today’s rapidly changing world. This is true not just in the world of work, but also in fields such as sports, where generalists often outperform specialists.

Generalists rock!

Through a series of engaging examples and stories, Epstein makes a compelling case for the value of range and the benefits of being a generalist. He challenges the conventional wisdom that early specialization is the key to success and offers a new perspective on the way we think about success and achievement. There might be hope , even if you did not stick to your 15.000 hours of specialization!

“Range” is thought-provoking and will challenge readers to think differently about the path to success. I liked it. A. Lot!

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