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Remember those days? Well, they are long gone now :-). The world is changing at an alarming pace, and most communicators, marketers and media people are holding on for dear life. Digital platforms, mobile lifestyle and social media have profoundly changed the game.

Strategists and planners that were masters in spinning the stories months in advance are confronted with an online landscape where brands are supposed to be always on, always communicating, and always responding.

There are no old roads to new destinations. The new way of communication (in a nutshell interchanging pieces of content) requires new thinking that puts the interhuman connection back in the spotlight. In the precious oceans of big data, what can we find on what the consumers want. This is a fundamental different mindset of what we want from the consumer.

Brands that understand this important nuance are adopting adaptive marketing. But all too many marketers and agency partners still remain in clueless dark about a brand’s role in evolving consumer conversations across the digital media landscape.

It’s not just about setting a ‘conversation calendar’ , or ‘newsjacking’, or being reactive to real-time events, emerging news stories, the competitors efforts, of the trending cultural trend. Success lays ahead for those Communication Engineers that are able to stay well ahead of the trend-curve and succeed to continuously adapt their communications and connections strategy to remain proactive.

The reality of how to deal with truly always on, and increasingly vocal consumers requires new strategies that should start from the content and the conversation… not from the visual form, or the preferred platform as now is way too often the case. Entering into consumer conversations in a credible, non-intrusive and respectful way is the Eldorado for building trust.

How can brands communicate with their consumers more often, more pertinent, more fluid without triggering annoyance?

Darwin said it before: the future depends on both your ability and your willingness to adapt. Yesterday’s tricks alone will not get you to the next level of the game.

Evolve, or…



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