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Robert Edwards deserves better…

By 06/10/2010No Comments

Dear Benedict XVI,

You may say it is a bit pointless, writing this. To you I mean. You being a holy man, head of state, and your convenient dogmatic papal infallibility and so. But you leave me no choice. Freedom of speech, thoughts and choice is all I, poor sinner, have.

You know, dear pope, I’d like to challenge you on that papal infallibility. I think it’s a big mistake that someone; anyone can claim such a thing.  And I think that people who yield lots of power, like you, should constantly live with the knowledge that they are not infallible. And that mistakes can happen, and do so with a price…

Robert Edwards, pioneer of in-vitro fertilization, was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine this week. You know, dear Benedict, he invented the very technology that allowed 8 million moms and dads to have children. Edwards, dear Benedictus, makes lots of people very very happy… even today.

Now… you think that’s a bad thing. You accuse Edwards, and countless moms and dads that went –pun non intended- to hell and back, of immorality, irresponsibility,… and murder. You condemn, from the safety of your Vatican, countless families for heresy and being bad, dispisable citizens.

I, for one, will not forgive you this accusation lightly. I think you’ve just been immoral speaking up. I think what you did was pure despotism, and abuse of power and status. I think you just offended many of those values that should be the very cornerstones of the powerhouse you represent. I think that if there is any justice at all, the very spirit you pray to will hold you accountable for your words and deeds.

I think that you have at this moment enough work dealing with some of the atrocities and immoralities in your own walls, amongst your own people. Ultimately, your chair carries a lot of that responsibility.

Leave my loved ones alone, dear Benedict… if nature and prayer fail, Robert Edwards can bring joy to many families. Personally, I congratulate him for that…

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