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What do you mean, science fiction? I can use a heads up display in my car, I have sunglasses that let me enjoy stereo sound, I have a snow jacket that doubles as a headset. There is navigation and augmented reality in my phone. I can control a big part of my car with my voice. There is an emergency transmitter in my Breitling watch, that can be traced from 10 miles high. Devices I use every day, would have envied Sean Connery’s James Bond…

I use a Star Trek inspired iPad.   A laser projected key-board. A telescope with GPS, face traction on my camera,… even my Lego set is programmable, intelligent and wireless. Time for a cherry on the cake. Californian manufacturer Aerofex Corp has now built the Hover Bike that Luke Skywallker skillfully races in Star Wars. A Hover Bike. No wheels. Space technology. Intuitive controls.

Just need to get me one. Soon.

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