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Shoot your own Tie fighters…

By 03/11/20102 Comments

Teodora, our great @PNBR5 intern pointed me towards this great game. I am a great Star Wars fan (I still think Yoda’s fuzzy little green ears are kinda cute), and I am a big believer in the exciting possibilities of Augmented Reality. When two of my burning passions come together, I feel like a kid in a candy store…

If you now please will excuse me, I have to shoot some nasty Tie Fighters out of the Brussels skyline!


  • Danny says:

    Falcon Gunner is an augmented reality game by Vertigore Games
    it comes out shortly Ed 😉

  • EFD says:

    You show a cool game like that and don’t tell us the name??? Shame, shame! 🙂 Please let me know the name. I searched Star Wars and Tie Fighter, but couldn’t find it.

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