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Thanks to Johnny Polygon, I am the coolest uncle!

By 11/03/20127 Comments

I must admit, nowhere in my longue and prosperous career did I have the slightest shadow of a desire to do something in music. That was my sister’s turf. I was books and sports. She was violin. The world between the Devriendts was conveniently divided. I would not touch any of her precious instruments, she would stay away of my Volleyball socks.

And here I am, in the middle of Texas, helping to make a LA based rapper doing his thing. Me, an EVP social media, gathering thoughts and images for the illustrious Johnny Polygon. In the eyes of Oscar, my sisters little one, I upgraded from boring corporate to freezing cool overnight.

My new best friend  Johnny Polygon is a creative devil do-all. Apart from being extremely cute (well, that is what the girls in the Samsung blogger lounge said) and cool enough to freeze over Polish Vodka, he is a creative devil-do-all. He produces all of his own official videos. He also edits and creative directs many of them as well. His first production and creative director credits came from his music video The Riot Song which was picked up and charted in top 10 on MTV’s top 100. Yep, if I go for a rapper, I pick a good one.

He is entrepreneurial and truly Independent in the truest sense of the word. Davy Crockett would be proud. Johnny opted out of major label deals for independence and creative control.  He’s been releasing music independently for over 10 years, and… he is doing well.

And dear Oscar, on that nice game console you got for Christmas, when you will be playing that Grand Theft Auto 4 game against me (I have to warn you that you stand no chance!!), the song “Price on Your Head” is rapped by…. Yep, Johnny Polygon.

Johnny is more than a rapper, he is a coolcat, a singer/songwriter, a trend watching, rapping, philosophical therapist. He is Mister Magnetic. Meet him at johnnypolygon

I must go now, Johnny needs me. I need to go do the rap-thing. And Oscar, I’ll bring you an autograph.


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