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Liquid. It’s all about Liquid here @canneslions.. Throughout the different presentations, sessions and seminars, the small talk on the sunny terraces on La Croisette and the wise tweets of ninja’s, gurus, rainmakers and specialists one thing stands out: Liquid is the new black.

The red line is clear, and everywhere… here is a summary:

Liquid content – It’s about liquid content, content that gently swooshes around the consumer, like a hot bath on a cold day. Find out who the consumer is, detail his whereabouts, passions, worries, and views through hard data. Go find, curate and create content that bridges the gap between the consumer’s content consumption and your corporate message. Repurpose content that is created by your consumer. The superior stage of liquid content is interaction.

Platform agnostic – Way too often campaigns are targeted to and tailored for a certain platform. But the math is simple: if your target is not on Facebook, your Facebook campaign will no reach him. Period. Simple. True. Good campaigns bring the content mountain to Mohamed, not vice versa.

Any screen, all screens – the power of Liquid is carried by intelligent and responsive design. If it does not work on all screens the consumer might have access to, if it’s not designed well, ultimately it will not be overly successful.

Follow me – good content flows downhill, together with the consumer to the sea. To put in another metaphor: good content is the river that carries the consumer to your harbor. Good content follows you to the ultimate destination: the transaction (be it behavioral change, sale, …). So the impact of liquid can and should be measured, its ROI captured in data.

Touch Points are dead. Touch Waves are in – to be fully liquid, we need to stop seeing every touch point as a singleton, and deal with a multitude of touch points as a connection wave. Wave thinking guarantees the creation of a communication pattern, carrying liquid content over a multitude of touch points to the consumer, ultimately guiding the consumer into harbor.

Confucius knew it already centuries ago: to carry the swimming man, you want to be the water, not the rock….

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