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Deep in this temple of a body of mine beats a romantic heart. I grew up with King Arthur and his knights, with Buck Rogers beating up intergalactic villains, The Saint doing mighty gentlemanly stuff . Muscled Superheroes saving Bambi, the world –and as I grew older-  damsels in distress: my career path was all penciled out. I ended up in media however.

In contradiction, 5 year old Miles decided to walk the talk. This kid has been battling leukemia since his first birthday. His biggest wish was not only to conquer those evil T-cells, but to save the world as an afterthought. His stubborn determination helped him win his war with leukemia.  The nonprofit organization Make-A-Wish Foundation turned his save-the-world wish real. The power of non-profit and social-media geeks with the heart in the right place turned this wish into the most crazy event.

Last week all of San Francisco turned –literally- into Gotham City. The police chef used TV and radio to plea Miles also known as Batkid to come and rescue the city. Miles complied. Wheeled in with a muscled black LamboBatMobile, and cheered on by tens of thousands Batkid fans, Miles rescued Lou Seal, the famous Giant’s mascot out of the Penguins evil hands; neutralized a bom-like device in the famous cable cars, untied handcuffed ladies in distress, and squarely stopped the Riddler from robbing a bank while President Obama cheered him on via Vine.

People from all over the world sent messages of love, encouragement and support to the youngest action hero on the planet. The famous reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane reported his heroism in the Gotham City Chronicle.

San Fransisco’s Mayor Ed Lee presented Batkid Miles with a key to “Gotham City” (in chocolate!) and declared Nov. 15 “Batkid Day forever.” Miles won his battle against leukemia, saved San Francisco from the baddies, and stole the hearts of countless young girls.

Next year… he plans to go to Kindergarten…


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