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Killing my childhood dreams…

Go places. See things. Discover the world. That would have been -in a nutshell- my motto when I was 15. Travel was associated with fun, excitement, adventure. Now, I do travel. O my god, do I travel. 🙂
Amazing to see how my young, hyper-excited perception on travel rapidly shifted towards queuing up at airports, waiting in endless security check lines, vegetating near emigration counters, or killing time in alien hotel rooms. But I can live with that.
The most difficult thing to overcome collecting a gazillion airmiles? When childhood projections are most brutally killed at the root.
Let me give you one example: one day I wanted to walk with my loved one, on Hawaii, in the merciful shadow of the pineapple trees.
Well, there is no such thing as a pineapple tree. Pineapples grow on the ground, like ordinary strawberries do. Life will never be the same again…

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