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Obama from Space

Well, I am a Space boy. Since I could walk I’ve been looking up to the stars, and dreaming about my very private spaceship. I ended up as a strategic communications consultant…

Most (social) media attention these days were focused on America’s new president, and I think that stuff on that has been said and written plenty. So what about some lines about the inauguration of President Barack Obama?  🙂

Google homed in the brand new GeoEye-1 bird, the satellite that will supply Google Earth with even higher-resolution imagery of our little blue planet to take some bleeding edge, high-resolution pictures of the inauguration. Taken at around 550 of altitude, at a staggering speed of roughly 25.000 kilometers per hour it shows everything in perspective 🙂. When new technology meets a new president….

One thought on “Obama from Space

  1. I’m hoping you don’t see this as offensive but this sounds like the same ol’ Obama rhetoric.Obama is playing the same game all politicians play… he’s no different then the rest of them if you ask me.

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