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One billion seconds ago it was 1975. The Vietnam War ended, Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to lead a political party in Britain, movie goers are terrorized by “Jaws” and disco reigns supreme (Groove Back in Time). A billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was flourishing. About a billion hours ago, modern human beings and their ancestors were living in the Stone Age (more precisely, the Middle Paleolithic). A billion days ago, Australopithecus, an ape-like creature related to modern humans roamed the African savannas. A billion months ago, dinosaurs walked the earth during the late Cretaceous. A billion years ago, the first multi-cellular organisms appeared on Earth.
viking_kleinBut heck, all these billions are slightly irrelevant today. Since 4 years, I put all my loved ones in despair by littering the place with Bluetooth© devices. The Bluetooth SIG, one of my main clients, is also responsible for countless nights away from home, or working late hours. But with a purpose, and not in vain: Dr Mike Foley, Anders Edlund and their team announced that the 1 billionth Bluetooth device is out there.
Congratulations to the Bluetooth SIG. 1000.000.000 devices. And thanks, it puts my 26 devices in the right perspective 🙂

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