Anders Edlund, Bluetooth SIG

Danny Devriendt has been key in delivering the Bluetooth SIG messages to industry contacts, online influencers, traditional media and end-consumers. The inventive integrated marketing/communications approach, using a mix of traditional outreach, direct influencer contact, a broad range of online tactics and viral marketing helped the Bluetooth SIG reach over 85% brand recognition, and triggered multiple awards and honorary mentions.

Anders Edlund, Communications and Marketing Director, Bluetooth SIG

Yay! Stevie Award recognition!

Yay! (yep, I picked up that disturbingly vocal thingy as well) We earned a Certificate of Finalist Recognition in the category Communications Campaign of the Year in Europe in The 2009 International Business Awards (aka the Stevie Awards).  Basically, our communication approach and execution of celebrating 10 years of Bluetooth™ wireless technology was selected from more than 1,700 entries received from organizations and individuals in more than 30 countries.  

It feels extremely good to feel the work recognized, and see that the integrated communication mix ranging from viral tactics, social networks, event support and more traditional die hard PR execution did not go unnoticed.

No communication strategy can be pulled off without a client believing in us. Kudo´s to Mike Foley, PhD., Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG and Anders Edlund, Marketing Director and their team for having faith and keeping us sharp.

Thanks also to Marta Majewska and Dirk Bosmans, for great work, creative thinking and going the extra mile (and knowing Bluetooth better than a camel sand…)

The Road to London is long…

For the yearly Bluetooth gift guide event, we geared up our trusted cars again. The Lotus Elise packed with new goodies, and  Felix, our Landrover Lightweight armed to the teeth with wireless Bluetooth systems. London, here we come!

I, (Lego) Robot

Ever since I read Isaac Asimov’s novels on robots I wanted one. But, unfortunately these tall handy positronic brained metal men take way longer to hit consumer markets then I had anticipated. Here I am, in the twilight of almost 40 and still no Robot. Deep Sigh.

Luckily there is Lego. Their Mindstorm series allow for the building of extremely complicated (that is for a 39 year old. My young nephews prove way smarter builders) robots with a plethora of sensing devices, programmable and remote-controllable through Bluetooth wireless technology.

If you are up to building a good old R’Bot, with nightvision, motion detection radar and the like, you should  quickly visit and build and enter your Robot. Nice thingies to win.

My colleague Dirk and I will build a docile, beer fetching, bottle opening, pizza ordering  buddy Bot. We’ll call him BlueBot. And you?

Aberdeen – Le Mans

Luckily Stefaan was able to get the wipers going again, so moral went up. We met lots of beautiful cars on the road. A classic rally Aberdeen to Le Mans featured Jaguars, Lotus, Aston Martins, etc. But ours do not look bad either!

The Road to hell…

Rain, rain, rain… 200 klicks of pouring. Nothing but water. Ideal when you are driving three convertibles.  One of them (the one I’m driving L) thought this would be an ideal moment to shut down  the screen wipers. Can’t see. A Thing. 200 klicks to go. Who came up with this idea any way?

Yep… ready to roll!

We did not catch a lot of sleep lately, and Stefaan from SD motors has not seen his bed for ages… but our Landrover Lightweight is ready in time for our viral trip to France.   It’s equipped with a multitude of Bluetooth enabled devices and features a sound system that would freak out many a DJ J. We decided to call this black panther like demo car “Felix”.  

Don’t panic!

On Thursday morning we leave for our Bluetooth SIG viral tour. First assignment: discover the beautiful beaches of Northern France, from Boulogne up to the well known Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold beaches in Normandy. We will stop, show the endless hordes of tourists what Bluetooth wireless technology can do, and move on.

Apotheosis is a couple of visits to Rouen, where the most magnificent sailing ships of the planet gathered together before majestically sailing down the Seine on Monday 14th . With a forecasted reach of over 10 million people, a hell of an event. J

Our trusted Bluetooth SIG Lotus, and Parrots 1952 MG TF will be joined by a paratrooper Landrover Lightweight. Three more days. And this is what the car looks like right now. Don’t panic.

Keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on… eh…

Finnish Bluetooth peripheral company Iqua has an extremely nice Bluetooth headset, the Smartbadge. If you spend way too much time at tradeshows, it is good to have a decent badge holder (God, do I HATE commercial lanyards!). Iqua provides one that doubles as a headset. Battery goes on forever.

Found a viral movie featuring the Smartbadge. It is –of course- politically incorrect. J


The biggest…

Now I’ve been known to be reasonably creative as to how you can throw a car into a consumer communication mix J. Ok, you can do press relations, invest in a nice booth on some tradeshows, launch some nice viral movies on the net, populate a blog. But a flashy car doing the right things can just as easily reach to a broad audience and leave a long lasting impression.

And then, in the middle of the Arizona desert, I met about the biggest car I’ve ever seen. Politically very incorrect, probably contributing more to global warming than joggers (the CO² that these runners generate: you have NO idea J). But just very impressive. 3 tons of pure marketing power on wheels. Now there is a thought…

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