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Don’t panic!

By 07/07/2008No Comments

On Thursday morning we leave for our Bluetooth SIG viral tour. First assignment: discover the beautiful beaches of Northern France, from Boulogne up to the well known Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold beaches in Normandy. We will stop, show the endless hordes of tourists what Bluetooth wireless technology can do, and move on.

Apotheosis is a couple of visits to Rouen, where the most magnificent sailing ships of the planet gathered together before majestically sailing down the Seine on Monday 14th . With a forecasted reach of over 10 million people, a hell of an event. J

Our trusted Bluetooth SIG Lotus, and Parrots 1952 MG TF will be joined by a paratrooper Landrover Lightweight. Three more days. And this is what the car looks like right now. Don’t panic.

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