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I, (Lego) Robot

Ever since I read Isaac Asimov’s novels on robots I wanted one. But, unfortunately these tall handy positronic brained metal men take way longer to hit consumer markets then I had anticipated. Here I am, in the twilight of almost 40 and still no Robot. Deep Sigh.

Luckily there is Lego. Their Mindstorm series allow for the building of extremely complicated (that is for a 39 year old. My young nephews prove way smarter builders) robots with a plethora of sensing devices, programmable and remote-controllable through Bluetooth wireless technology.

If you are up to building a good old R’Bot, with nightvision, motion detection radar and the like, you should  quickly visit http://www.bluetooth.com/Bluetooth/Products/Signature/Robot.htm and build and enter your Robot. Nice thingies to win.

My colleague Dirk and I will build a docile, beer fetching, bottle opening, pizza ordering  buddy Bot. We’ll call him BlueBot. And you?

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