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I just posted something on you yesterday. Not that you read it, you probably have other things on your mind. Top Gear stuff. When to test the new Ferrari. How to go faster through the Hammerhead. But today, you’re big news. Some Mirror reader called Adam claims his girlfriend saw you dashing down the M40, doing 70mph, holding a mobile phone against your ear. You were driving your V8 Mercedes.  Nice car, by the way.

I know this cannot be true. First of all, no one can do 70 on the M40, it’s way too blocked with people who clearly have no clue how to drive. And if by any chance there was no traffic, you would surely be doing more than 70 with that car, I hope.  Secondly, between us, it was a reader of the Mirror. And you have a column with one of their biggest competitors. I can safely state most Mirror readers do not like you very much. Thirdly, ever tried to get a non fuzzy picture with a mobile phone? Ever tried it from a moving car, aiming to shoot a car doing 70, after you identified the driver? Good luck!  (And by the way the picture in the Mirror can only be taken from the driver seat, and that ain’t legal too, Mr. Adam!  ) 

And last but not least… surely you are smart enough to enjoy driving to its fullest extent, using a Bluetooth headset, or a Bluetooth handsfree kit? Bring one to your next Top Gear shoot.

Show the people that you have one, that you know how to use one. Show them wrong.  Yours sincerely, Me. 


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  • Chevy Vega says:

    While we are talking about the issue of Dear Jeremy Clarkson,, Allowing your car to idle for long periods of time, like while you’re waiting for someone or warming up your vehicle during the cold winter months, not only wastes fuel, but also reduces the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

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