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Have you ever been in Love?” A lot of travelers to SxSW fell like a stone for the charms of Ava, a 25 year old smoking hot (pardon my French) brunette on Tinder. Ava is a smart, funny, open and very available woman. Many far-from-home male travelers fell for the obvious charms and open advances of the mystery lady.

But all those restless souls that were looking for eternal love, some warmth, or a quick moment of happiness while at the SxSW show were tricked by a… robot.

After a warming conversation, Ava directed her would-be lovers to her Instagram account, where it turns out she is a droid.

The brilliant set-up was created to promote Alex Garland’s new sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, which premiered here in Austin.

Indeed, the Ava girls bears a rather striking resemblance to the leading lady of Ex Machina : the Swedish filmstar Alicia Vikander.

Think twice before answering a direct question like “Have you ever been in love?“… it might be some AI is pulling your leg…

Brilliant marketing.

See hereunder the conversation one of Adweek’s readers had with a…. well, very sexy robot.

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