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I know. It should not happen. But it happens: Saturdays @ work. But this one was special (aren’t they all?).
JCI (Young Chambre of Commerce International) invited us for a demo day on wireless technologies for their members. So I took the Lotus up to Moeskroen for an entertaining afternoon of Bluetooth demos.

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Curious crowd, these JCI’s, or Jaycees as they used to be called. Here you have a potpourri of Europes most promising entrepreneurs under 40. Most of them radiate already power, determination, eagerness.
But as a JCI senator confessed: “such great work, such great talent. But no-one knows it. We’re Economy’s best kept secret. We do miss something important.”
O yes. Definitely: You do. It’s called “Communication”: Plan. Do. Spread the word. See? Free advice!

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