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After X and Y, meet Generation R …

By 20/04/2010One Comment

It has to be said: I can appreciate a good old trend from time to time: a certain continuity that clearly shows life is going on. Rambo, 1, 2, 3; The Godfather I, II, III; Windows 2000, 2005,… But trop is just too much… Lately people use the word generation a bit too eagerly.

First there was Generation X, and then came the fully connected web-designed smart kids of generation Y. Here @ Heliade towers, we’re still trying to figure out what those Y-ers eat (lactose free bio vegetables?) and there comes Randstad with a new label: Generation R.
According to a study conducted by Randstad, a human resources group, Generation R describes a whole generation (there you have that word again) frustrated professionals who have survived the recession. Yep: the R stands for recession.
Many companies had to downsize (rightsize, optsize, lay-off or fire) a lot of staff, leaving those who stayed with much expanded roles. These survivors had to shape up and take on roles above their job titles and pay-checks.
Needless to say that these people progressed way faster in this lean and mean environment: skills and experience were injected and generated Red Bull-fueled progress.
Now that the economy stops sputtering a bit, and some slow traction can be perceived, Generation R wants to be rewarded: upgraded, refitted and boosted. And we’re talking paycheck, title, and career path. If they do not get what they want, fast… they leave, to cash in their new status elsewhere…
I guess the keys of all those lonely Audi R8’s and Porsche GT3-RS’s that were slowly gathering dust after the financial bubble, will be tossed to Generation R now.
Heck, I’ll have to ask mom what generation I am…. 🙂

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